Beef brisket with red wine & shallots

Beef brisket with red wine and shallots-foodflag

“This stew is a version of the Greek favourite stifado. Normally the Greeks use diced beef for stifado, but whole briskets seem to work well, too. Brisket is one of the cheapest cuts you can buy, but this recipe transforms it into something very special! ”

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Romanian Garlic Chicken Jelly | Piftie | Racitura

Romanian Garlic Chicken Jelly-Piftie-Racitura-foodflag

Back in the days, Romanian families would sacrifice a pig at the beginning of December, then use it to prepare all sorts of delicacies for the holidays. Nothing was left aside: we have a great variety of tasty recipes that use most parts (not only the meat). As such, the holidays season brings a lot […]

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Cozonac | Sweet Romanian Bread

Cozonac-Sweet Romanian Bread-foodflag

Cozonac is one of the festive dishes we enjoy on special occasions in Romania, be it Christmas, New Years Eve, Easter, or a wedding. I remember one of the signs that the holidays are here is when the unique fragrance of cozonac has reached every corner of the home, starting in the kitchen and ending […]

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Orange Cream Cake | Tort de Portocale

Orange Cream Cake-Tort de Portocale-foodflag

This is one of my favorite desserts: it is light, creamy, fresh, and not as overly sweet as many dessert you can buy here in the US. I also love its presentation: a contrast between fresh orange slices and a simple solid cream. In the past, I just waited for someone to prepare and serve […]

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Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls

Peanut Butter Crescent Rolls-foodflag

WOW — just wow! Not sure why or how I come up with the crazy culinary creations that I do, but sometimes, I think that my calling in life is simply to own a state fair. Yes . . . an entire state fair all to myself where I can let my crazy out in […]

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Creamy (vegan!) Butternut Squash Linguine with Fried Sage

Creamy (vegan!) Butternut Squash Linguine with Fried Sage-foodflag

Cookie and I have been visiting the vet three times a week lately. We don’t mind the excursion. The girls behind the desk are fun to be around and Cookie loves the attention. She has quickly become a staff favorite (of course!). It’s also a prime spot for people watching. See Full Recipe at

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Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai

Spaghetti Squash Pad Thai-foodflag

I’ve always viewed spaghetti squash — with its clever, noodle-like interior — as a fun party trick, always surprising both for its ability to reasonably mimic pasta and how satisfying the results can be. It’s good, sure, but it’s also never really had a “wow” moment for me. See Full Recipe at

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Smoky Apple and Pepper Jack Turnovers

Smoky Apple and Pepper Jack Turnovers-foodflag

Apple turnovers are getting an upgrade! These little pastry pockets are sweet, savory and (dare I say it?) pretty much taste like they are filled with BACON. But they are vegetarian friendly, being mostly filled with apples, onions and a little bit of cheese. See Full Recipe at

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Surprise matcha balls

Surprise matcha balls-foodflag

Matcha powder is finely ground green tea and these no-bake balls are sugar-free and rich in antioxidants. See Full Recipe at

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Marinated tofu steaks with rocket salad

Marinated tofu steaks with rocket salad-foodflag

Cut the tofu in half crossways and then cut each half horizontally into 1.5cm-thick slices. Place in a large glass or ceramic bowl. See Full Recipe at

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